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Wedding DJs & Bands

The music at your Wedding will set the mood. The ceremony music will set the tone for the entire day and the music at the reception gets and keeps the party going. It can be intimidating to think about how you are choosing music and musicians to match everyone's taste while at the same time being something that you and your spouse will think back on for the rest of your lives. S&G Wedding Services can help select the right music and musicians for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception.

The Wedding Ceremony

Traditionally, wedding ceremony music is performed on an organ, by an orchestra, or through a sound system. It is important to consider the venue that your ceremony is being held in, sometimes sound can get lost in the outdoors and other options might be to powerful for a more intimate venue. S&G Wedding Services can help you match the musicians or sound system to match your venue.

S&G Wedding Services can help you select the right Long Island Wedding Band or Wedding DJ

The next choice is what songs you want to play and their timing. Do you want the bride to walk down the aisle to “Here Comes the Bride” or “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele or maybe “Marry You” by Bruno Mars? Will your bridesmaids and groomsmen enter to classical music or will they be dancing down the aisle to “Forever” by Chris Brown? How much time do you need the songs to run to cover the whole ceremony? Your wedding consultant can help you make all of these decisions.

The Wedding Reception

Let's face it, the reception is the part of your wedding day all of your guests are waiting for, except your mom. The music at the wedding reception is a reflection of who you are, who your partner is, and who you are as a couple. It also gets the party going. Traditional wedding reception entertainment is either a band or a dj.
Both have advantages and disadvantages. For example live bands make for a more impressive display and have an air of sophistication, while DJ's offer more variety in musical styles and tastes. We have listed some of the pro's and con's of both below.

No matter which form of entertainment you choose, S&G Wedding Services will help you select the right artist. We work with Wedding Bands from Baldwin, Freeport, Rockville Centre, Greater Long Island, and New York City. Our stable of Wedding DJs also span from local Baldwin artists to more know New York City DJs. You choose want your want for your Wedding Reception entertainment and we make it happen!

Wedding Bands

  • More impressive presence
  • All members of the band can engage the audience
  • Opportunities for guest solos
  • Can be more expensive
  • More limited in songs and styles

Wedding DJs

  • Catalog that includes 10000s of songs
  • Can play all songs you specifically request
  • Takes up less space
  • Can be less expensive
  • Can have excellent emcee skills