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Baldwin Tuxedo Rental

You naturally wish to present yourself and your groomsmen in the best possible manner on your wedding day. In order to ensure that it happens, consider renting or purchasing your wedding tuxedos from Baldwin's premiere tuxedo rental company. S&G Wedding Services provides the people of Baldwin, Freeport and Rockville Centre the ultimate selection and stress relief shopping regarding their choice of Tuxedos. We carry a variety of formal attires by the most renowned designers for you and your bride-to-be to choose from.

The professionals at S&G Wedding Services work hard to provide you the attire that not only suits your personality and looks, but also is overly elegant and sophisticated. At Baldwin Tuxedo Rental, not only would you be offered the most stylish Tuxedos from designers such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Giorgio Armani, you would also get the most reasonable prices.

Wedding Special Get the groom's tux rental free & 50% off his dad's rental with 5 full-priced rentals!

S&G Wedding Services provides special discounts to families who buy or rent wedding tuxedos. Our professionals will completely understand the wedding theme, the preferences of your friends and family and then offer tuxedos suggestions accordingly. It is recommended that you register for a wedding tuxedo two months prior to the event as it takes time to match the exact measurements. However, at Baldwin Tux Rentals, you would also be given the chance to make minor adjustments in the last minutes.

If you do not wish to purchase a Tuxedo and would only wear it twice or thrice in the year that follows, Baldwin Tuxedo Rental offers you the option to rent Tuxedos and return them on the day following the event. To get the best value in tuxedo rental and sales in Baldwin, we offer many specials for group tuxedo rentals.

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